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ACORN UK No Evictions! Day of Action

On August 22, 2020, ACORN chapters across the United Kingdom held a No Evictions! Day of Action.


No COVID Evictions! Day of Action

📱 No Evictions! Day of ActionOn Saturday 22nd August, hundreds of ACORN members took action in 17 towns & cities across England & Wales saying no to rent debt, eviction & homelessness during the pandemic.Members held socially distanced actions outside of courts where eviction proceedings will be heard, visited the offices of landlords and letting agents to deliver ‘notices of eviction resistance’ to let them know that we won’t stand for immoral COVID evictions, and held outdoor Community Protection Training sessions! ACORN demands that the 1 month eviction ban extension announced last week is followed by serious legislation to protect renters from homelessness and rent debt in the fall out of COVID-19. We need rent debt accrued as a result of COVID wiped and an immediate end to Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions.Over the last couple of months hundreds of people have attended Community Protection Training sessions meaning whenever evictions restart, ACORN members will be ready to resist them.✊ Join your local ACORN Community Protection Team today!

Posted by ACORN UK on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hundreds of ACORN members took action in 17 towns & cities across England & Wales saying no to rent debt, eviction & homelessness during the pandemic.

Members held socially distanced actions outside of courts where eviction proceedings will be heard, visited the offices of landlords and letting agents to deliver ‘notices of eviction resistance’ to let them know that we won’t stand for immoral COVID evictions, and held outdoor Community Protection Training sessions! ACORN demands that the 1 month eviction ban extension announced last week is followed by serious legislation to protect renters from homelessness and rent debt in the fall out of COVID-19.

We need rent debt accrued as a result of COVID wiped and an immediate end to Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions.Over the last couple of months hundreds of people have attended Community Protection Training sessions meaning whenever evictions restart, ACORN members will be ready to resist them.

Voter Purge Project Update: VPP Featured in WIRED Magazine

WIRED Magazine recently featured the Voter Purge Project, a project of ACORN International in partnership with the Ohio Voter Project and Labor Neighbor, in its September 2020 issue. One IT Guy’s Spreadsheet-Fueled Race to Restore Voting Rights details the work of Voter Purge Project to protect eligible voters against disenfranchisement by monitoring, reporting on, and organizing against wrongful voter purging.

Read the full story here.

Learn more about Voter Purge Project here.

Join a Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ACORN

50th anniversary flyer

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ACORN Around the World

Organizers’ Forum

El Comita, ACORN Tunisia and the Jasmine Foundation hosted the organizers forum in Tunis, Tunisia from September 12th to September 18th. The Organizers’ Forum annually visits different countries.  In Tunisia, we met with unions, NGOs, environmental, and women’s organizations along with communities where ACORN’s affiliate, La Comita, was organizing.  ACORN representatives induced Olivia O’Conner from Hamilton ACORN, Adrien Roux from the Alliance Citoyenne, Eloise Mallet from ReAct and ACORN Africa, Sammy Ndirangu from ACORN Kenya, and Marius Beloch from ACORN’s affiliate in Cameroon.


After months of campaigning, the threat of an action by the members of ACORN affiliate OnEstEnsemble led the agency to pay the hostesses of the GCG agency after waiting for months. The repair of the main pipe has been completed which will reconnect households to the network of water Bonewanda. Local residents have asked the Metropolitan regulate the parking of motorcycle taxis to avoid congestion.


At the national level, ACORN Canada released the report “Barriers to digital equality” which calls for affordable and universal access to the internet. In Toronto, ACORN members won the city vote for effective implementation of the RentSafe Toronto, a landlord registration program that we had won in 2016. In Mississauga, PEEL ACORN members won a proactive inspection program based on RentSafe Toronto which will be piloted in select buildings. In Ottawa, members won a motion at the city council to enact minimum distance and licensing requirements for payday lending companies. In Hamilton, members having fighting renovictions, the city voted unanimously in support of a motion to review the its incentive grant programs to developers to ensure no city funds are given to renovictors.

Czech Republic

Members of the social building cooperative and AKORN gathered on November 17 at the Republic Square to support the Real Left event called the Revealed Revolution. It was a call out for a comeback of the unfinished “velvet revolution” that began in November 1989, marking the establishment of the Civic Forum. Members are working to create a connected platform like the Civic Forum through which power can be shared and people are able to be actively engage and influence or propose programs.


ACORN’s affiliate in Lyon, France, Alliance Citoyenne represented its members in an action demanding burkini wearers be allowed to swim in public pools, wearing the ACORN visor hats! This comes in the wake of the proposed banning of the garment by the authorities in several French towns.


ACORN foundation in India demanded Indian companies to devise a method to buy back plastic packaging and bottles that get discarded by consumers after usage at a Bloomberg Equality Summit in Mumbai. ACORN India also featured in the award winning article in the Global Post.


Members have been planning for the campaigns on Feeding program and that of Environmental sanitation in Korogocho and its neighboring villages.  Members were able to strike a partnership with Koch FM which is the only radio station in Korogocho. This will allow ACORN to have four hours of daily programming with live or pre-recorded on air programs. Further, over 400 women attended an empowerment event in Korogocho in Nairobi, Kenya where six months’ supply of sanitary pads were distributed to all participants.

United Kingdom

In Brighton, as part of ACORN’s National Renters Vote campaign to mobilise people in vulnerable housing to vote in the General Election. Working across Brighton and Hove at soup kitchens, housing advice and community centres, street stalls and in temporary accommodation, the union has successfully registered almost 100 people, including 50 people with no fixed address. ACORN alongwith several allies launched a national renter manifesto which sets out the steps needed to ensure that everybody has a secure, affordable and decent home. The manifesto covers six key themes: Security, Affordability, Justice, Conditions, Discrimination, and Housing for People Not Profit.

ACORN Liverpool held a protest against homes being auctioned off in Kensington Fields. Members managed to get one of the homes pulled from today’s auction, but sadly the other one went ahead. Families with children in Liverpool are facing potential evictions as landlords advertise their homes to be sold off as student house shares. Acorn Liverpool’s AGM was a big when members spent time plotting and scheming to build working class power. A new committee is in place, and members are ready to get back at it.

ACORN started another new chapter for ACORN in England: ACORN Portsmouth!

United States

New Orleans: A Community Voice, ACORN’s Louisiana affiliate alongwith Justice and Beyond, a community group and other scientists and environmental activists were able to highlight the issue of lead poisoning and put forth demands for cleanup in New Orleans. While groups have been trying to call attention to the problem for years, it was only recently that a demonstration with some 50 people outside the water board headquarters to protest high water bills and lead levels brought attention to the issue. A 2016 study estimated that there are 6.1 million lead pipes bringing water to homes in the US, a fact that was hidden for long.

Memphis: Wade Rathke, founder of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), and DinĂ© Butler, community organizer and policy analyst, explored ways large equity firms are reducing homeownership in Memphis’ low-income neighborhoods.


Netherlands is pushing forward to build ACORN and more there. Inquiries about ACORN organizing have come from Tel Aviv where there’s interest in a building an ACORN Tenants’ Union.  Marielle Benchehboune from Lyon is meeting with them in December when she is there for a conference.  Progress is reportedly slow but steady for ACORN in Ireland as well.

ACORN News April 2019

ACORN Canada


Le texte français suit l’anglais

We’ve had recent screenings of “The Organizer” to 65 people in Philly, at the offices of the Philadelphia Unemployment Project and 45 people at the Maysles Documentary Center in NYC, including old ACORN veteran organizers and leaders. We also showed clips along with a discussion about labor organizing at Georgetown in Washington, DC. Training continues in Milwaukee with Amani United, including planning campaigns to save a bus line through the neighborhood and efforts to launch a community benefits campaign with the Democratic National Convention, scheduled for July 2020. We have reconnected with CASA, the immigrant rights organization based in Maryland, and did a door-knocking training with their 20 community organizers. CASA is interested in further help with their expansion to 7 other states in addition to Maryland, Virginia, and central Pennsylvania where they work now, as well as assistance in creating additional classes of membership along the lines of ACORN’s experience. Also, there are discussions of a partnership internationally with their membership and ACORN’s in Africa. They have several thousand Cameroonian members centered around White Oak, MD, so initial discussions are focusing on ACORN’s work in Cameroon. We’re still awaiting final confirmation on training and consulting work for Roma Standing Conference in Bulgaria for 30 organizers in August. The Toronto director of “The Organizer” is trying to organize a showing in Toronto on the Friday before the ACORN Canada convention. Campaign training with InAdvance in Oakland for 25 organizers is scheduled in May, and the ACORN Canada HO/LO meeting is in April. We also have Irish tenant groups considering affiliation with ACORN in April; the Frankfurt team is moving to register to begin organizing with ACORN in June, and ACORN’s affiliate in France has started an organizing drive on expansion to Toulouse!

Wade, ACORN International Chief Organizer

See some more highlights below.

ACORN around the world

Fighting for the right to housing in Ottawa
ACORN members and allies rallied for affordable and liveable housing in the city. Market rents have increased by approximately one third in the last decade while area median income increased by only four percent. Meanwhile, many tenants are subject to maintenance issues, limited heat and hot water, cockroaches and bed bugs, and inaccessible buildings are waiting for 5-10 years on the affordable housing waitlist. ACORN’s demands include inclusionary zoning, non-profit and co-op housing on government land, action to tackle renovictions, and landlord licensing. The rally ended with ACORN members chanting, “Fight, fight, fight, housing is a right!”

Fighting for workers’ rights in Lyon
On March 20, about 60 subcontracted workers organized within UNITI rallied alongside activists from Lyon. They blocked Primark and put the leader of the company, Protectim, on notice for unpaid hours and poor working conditions.

Victory in Douala! Water for Bepanda Bonewanda residents after 6 years
Thanks to the organizing of members of OnEstEnsemble, Camwater has finally taken action to fix water problems for many households. In 2013, the water network was destroyed for the construction of the Boulevard de la RĂ©publique. Despite the lack of water in the neighborhood, local residents continued to receive water bills. After a meeting with the Regional Director, a water pipe was laid to reconnect households but only on the condition that the meter rental fees accumulated for 6 years are paid. On Wednesday, March 20th, 2019, the residents mobilized and blocked Camwater, demanding that their water is restored. A delegation was sent to negotiate, and many commitments were made, including the immediate descent of a Camwater field team to begin reconnecting residents of Bepanda Bonewonda. Victory! The people are again connected to the water network.

Return of hot water in Aubervilliers, a vital victory for tenants!
Since January, residents of five towers in Aubervilliers were regularly deprived of heating and hot water, causing children to become sick, and greatly inconveniencing residents. On Monday, March 25, Alliance Citoyenne occupied the building owner’s office. The pressure worked and by Tuesday, March 26th, hot water and heating were restored. Alliance Citoyenne still called for a rally to keep the pressure on. Fifty people came out to give a last warning to the landlord, before leaving each other, saying: “Have a good shower!”

Local 100 fights for lead-free schools in Houston
The Houston Independent School District has refused to place lead water filters on school water fountains, even after spending $3 million to test them and finding high levels of lead in school water. Local 100 is demanding that all schools built before 1986, the year the Federal authorities disallowed lead use in any plumbing systems, be fitted with lead filters. If we can get lead out of our gasoline supply, we should be able to get it out of our water supply!

Dharavi Rocks! ACORN helps young people in Mumbai develop their talents
ACORN leads the celebrated youth music collective, Dharavi Rocks, as part of their work in informal arts learning. Dharavi Rocks helps to publically assert the human potential of Dharavi’s young people and builds the skills and ability of those who take part.

ACORN Kenya organizes for feeding programs!
ACORN is planning a campaign on the issue of feeding programs in the urban settlement of Korogocho. Members met with key stakeholders and held a small planning meeting. ACORN Kenya also hosted Cameroon ACORN International Organizer and Campaigner EloĂŻse for a week! The team was able to learn a lot about improving the organization as well as developing their campaigns.

Fighting for human rights in Tegucigalpa
ACORN Tegucigalpa is fighting for policy that focuses on human rights and the prevention of violence, and has been promoting the organization to students at the Catholic University of Honduras. ACORN also participated in a march for inclusion on International Autism Day.

UK ACORN fights for affordable transit, tenant protections and livable housing
Birmingham and Brighton have carried out a number of high profile member defense cases, with Brighton being mentioned in Parliament on March 13th. Bristol resisted three illegal evictions and ran a strategy session to develop its affordable housing campaign. Manchester helped to bring the Better Buses campaign up to 10,000 signatures, ran weekly doorknocking sessions, building on its Levenshulme local group drive. Newcastle’s ‘Three Sisters’’ tower block group won the installation of sprinklers and thermal CCTV in the garbage chutes where dozens of fires have started.

Toronto members demand repairs from corporate landlord
ACORN members and tenants held a rally to demand that corporate landlord, Q Residential, complete badly needed repairs. Tenants are fed up with repairs never being done on time. They demanded that Q Residential address: Bug infestations; mice and rats; building maintenance; elevator issues; and cracks in the buildings. Members have given the landlord five business days to arrange a meeting to sit down and discuss their issues, or they will escalate their campaign of direct action.

Bringing affordable technology to community members in Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia ACORN is collaborating with LakeCity Works to launch a Computer Enrichment Program! Donations of computers and other devices will be refurbished and sold at affordable prices, making them more accessible to more people.

ACORN Czech Republic spreads the word through comedy
ACORN has been working with famous Romani actor, Zdeněk Godla, who is interested in in the organization. After meeting with ACORN, he has recommended us to several Roma and other entrepreneurs. The organization is now working on preparing a larger cooperative project for affordable social housing. Stay tuned!

Members are getting organized in Liberia!
Thirteen towns held local leader elections and another three towns had elections for committee leaders, while other towns are preparing for elections. Leaders participated in training on a range of topics including storytelling, public speaking, and negotiation training. Next steps include sending letters to targets and local committee elections in newly identified towns.

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Nous avons eu des projections rĂ©centes de “The Organizer” Ă  65 personnes Ă  Philadelphie aux bureaux du projet de chĂŽmage de Philadelphie (Philadelphia Unemployment Project) et Ă  45 personnes au Centre de documentation de Maysles (Maysles Documentary Center) Ă  New York, y compris d’anciens organisateurs et dirigeants vĂ©tĂ©rans d’ACORN. Nous avons Ă©galement montrĂ© des clips avec une discussion sur la syndicalisation Ă  Georgetown Ă  Washington, DC. La formation continue continue Ă  Milwaukee avec Amani United, y compris les campagnes de planification pour sauver une ligne de bus dans le quartier et les efforts pour lancer une campagne de bĂ©nĂ©fices sociaux avec la Convention nationale dĂ©mocrate (Democratic National Convention), qui est prĂ©vue pour juillet 2020. Nous avons repris contact avec CASA, une organisation de dĂ©fense des droits des immigrĂ©s basĂ©e dans le Maryland, et nous avons fait une formation de comment faire du porte-Ă -porte avec ses vingt organisateurs communautaires. L’organisation CASA est intĂ©ressĂ©e dans l’aide Ă  leur expansion Ă  sept autres États en plus de Maryland, de la Virginie et du centre de la Pennsylvanie, oĂč ils travaillent actuellement, ainsi qu’une assistance pour crĂ©er de nouvelles catĂ©gories de membres sur le modĂšle de l’expĂ©rience ACORN. De plus, il y a les discussions d’un partenariat international avec leurs membres et ACORN en Afrique. Ils ont plusieurs milliers de membres camerounais concentrĂ©s autour de White Oak, MD, donc les discussions initiales se concentrent sur le travail d’ACORN au Cameroun. Nous attendons la confirmation finale du travail de formation et de consultation pour la confĂ©rence permanente des Roms (Roma Standing Conference) en Bulgarie pour 30 organisateurs communautaires en aoĂ»t. Le rĂ©alisateur torontois du film “L’organisateur” (The Organizer) essaie d’organiser une projection de film Ă  Toronto sur le vendredi avant la convention ACORN au Canada. La formation de campagne avec InAdvance Ă  Oakland pour 25 organisateurs communautaires est prĂ©vue en mai et la rĂ©union d’ACORN Canada HO/LO se passera en avril. Nous avons aussi les groupes de locataires irlandais qui envisagent une affiliation avec ACORN en avril ; l’Ă©quipe de Francfort s’apprĂȘte Ă  s’inscrire pour organiser avec ACORN en juin et une filiale d’ACORN en France a lancĂ© une campagne de syndicalisation pour l’expansion Ă  Toulouse!

Wade, Organisateur en chef d’ ACORN International

Voir quelques points saillants ci-dessous.

ACORN dans le monde

La lutte pour le droit au logement Ă  Ottawa
Les membres et les alliĂ©s d’ACORN se rallient Ă  la cause de logement abordable et vivable en ville. Les loyers du marchĂ© ont augmentĂ© d’environ un tiers au cours de la derniĂšre dĂ©cennie, tandis que le revenu mĂ©dian rĂ©gional n’a augmentĂ© que de 4%. D’un autre cĂŽtĂ©, beaucoup de locataires sont sujets Ă  des problĂšmes d’entretien, Ă  un chauffage, Ă  une eau chaude limitĂ©s, Ă  des cafards, Ă  des punaises de lit et Ă  des bĂątiments inaccessibles. Ils attendent entre cinq et dix ans sur une liste d’attente de logement abordable. Les demandes d’ACORN inclut le zonage d’inclusion, les logements coopĂ©ratifs et Ă  but non lucratif sur les terres du gouvernement, les mesures prises pour lutter contre les rĂ©novations et les licences accordĂ©es aux propriĂ©taires. Le meeting de protestation a fini par les chants des membres d’ACORN de “Fight, fight, fight, housing is a right!”

La lutte pour les droits des travailleurs Ă  Lyon
Le 20 mars, une soixantaine de travailleurs sous-traitĂ©s ont organisĂ© au sein de l’UNITI avec le soutien d’activistes Ă  Lyon. Ils ont bloquĂ© Primark et ils ont mis en garde le chef de l’entreprise, Protectim, pour les heures non rĂ©munĂ©rĂ©es et les mauvaises conditions de travail.

Victoire Ă  Douala! De l’eau pour les rĂ©sidents de Bepanda Bonewonda aprĂšs 6 ans
GrĂące aux efforts d’organisation par les membres d’OnEstEnsemble, Camwater a finalement pris des mesures pour rĂ©soudre les problĂšmes d’eau de nombreux mĂ©nages. En 2013, le rĂ©seau hydrique a Ă©tĂ© dĂ©truit Ă  cause de la construction du boulevard de la rĂ©publique. MalgrĂ© le manque d’eau dans le quartier, les rĂ©sidents locaux ont continuĂ© Ă  recevoir des factures d’eau. AprĂšs une rĂ©union avec le directeur rĂ©gional, une conduite d’eau a Ă©tĂ© posĂ©e pour rebrancher les mĂ©nages, mais elle a Ă©tĂ© dĂ©pendre du principe que les frais des compteurs d’eau accumulĂ©s aprĂšs six ans sont payĂ©s. Le mercredi 20 mars 2019, les habitants se sont mobilisĂ©s et ont bloquĂ© Camwater, exigeant que leur eau soit rĂ©tablie. Une dĂ©lĂ©gation a Ă©tĂ© envoyĂ©e pour nĂ©gocier et de nombreux engagements ont Ă©tĂ© pris, y compris la descente immĂ©diate d’une Ă©quipe de terrain de Camwater pour commencer Ă  rebrancher sur le rĂ©seau les rĂ©sidents de Bepanda Bonewonda. La victoire! Camwater a Ă©galement crĂ©Ă© d’autres engagements, notamment le remplissage rĂ©gulier des rĂ©servoirs d’eau pour l’accĂšs Ă  l’eau potable des mĂ©nages qui ne sont pas connectĂ©s au rĂ©seau.

Le retour de l’eau chaude dans la ville d’Aubervilliers, une victoire vitale pour les inhabitants!
Depuis janvier, les rĂ©sidents de cinq tours Ă  Aubervilliers Ă©taient rĂ©guliĂšrement dĂ©favorisĂ©s de chauffage et d’eau chaude, ce qui rendait les enfants malades et gĂȘnait grandement les rĂ©sidents. Le lundi 25 mars, l’Alliance Citoyenne occupait le bureau du propriĂ©taire de l’immeuble. La pression a fonctionnĂ© et le mardi 26 mars, l’eau chaude et le chauffage ont Ă©tĂ© restaurĂ©s. L’Alliance Citoyenne a toujours appelĂ© Ă  un rassemblement pour maintenir la pression. Cinquante personnes sont venues pour donner un dernier avertissement au propriĂ©taire, avant de se quitter en disant, «Prenez une bonne douche!”

La section locale 100 se bat pour les Ă©coles sans plomb Ă  Houston
Le district scolaire indĂ©pendant de Houston a refusĂ© d’installer des filtres Ă  eau en plomb sur les fontaines d’eau Ă  l’école, mĂȘme aprĂšs avoir dĂ©pensĂ© trois millions de dollars pour analyser leurs effets sur l’eau et aprĂšs avoir trouvĂ© des niveaux Ă©levĂ©s de plomb dans l’eau des Ă©coles. La section locale 100 exige que toutes les Ă©coles construites avant 1986, annĂ©e oĂč les autoritĂ©s fĂ©dĂ©rales ont interdit l’utilisation de plomb dans les systĂšmes de plomberie, soient Ă©quipĂ©es de filtres en plomb. Si nous pouvons retirer le plomb des rĂ©serves nationales d’essence, nous devrions pouvoir le sortir de notre rĂ©serve d’eau!

“Dharavi Rocks!” ACORN aide les jeunes de Mumbai Ă  dĂ©velopper leurs talents
ACORN mĂšne “Dharavi Rocks,” un collectif de musique de jeunesse cĂ©lĂ©brĂ©, dans le cadre de leur travail d’apprentissage informel des arts. Dhavari Rocks aide Ă  affirmer publiquement le potentiel humain des jeunes de Dharavi et Ă  renforcer les compĂ©tences et les capacitĂ©s de ceux qui y participent



ACORN Kenya organise des programmes d’alimentation!
ACORN prĂ©pare une campagne sur la question des programmes d’alimentation dans l’implantation urbaine de Korogocho. Les membres ont rencontrĂ© des principaux intervenants et ont tenu une petite rĂ©union de planification. ACORN Kenya a Ă©galement accueilli EloĂŻse, Organisateur international et militante d’ACORN au Cameroun, pour une semaine! L’équipe a beaucoup appris sur l’amĂ©lioration de l’organisation et le dĂ©veloppement de leurs campagnes.

La lutte pour les droits de l’homme Ă  Tegucigalpa
ACORN Tegucigalpa lutte pour la politique qui focalise l’attention sur les droits de l’homme et la prĂ©vention de la violence. L’organisation a fait la promotion de l’organisation auprĂšs des Ă©tudiants de l’UniversitĂ© catholique du Honduras. ACORN a participĂ© aussi dans une manifestation pour l’inclusion sur la journĂ©e internationale de l’autisme (International Autism Day).

Les membres de Toronto exigent des rĂ©parations des propriĂ©taires de l’entreprise
Les membres et les locataires d’ACORN se sont rassemblĂ©s pour exiger que le propriĂ©taire de l’entreprise, Q Residential, effectue les rĂ©parations indispensables. Les locataires sont exaspĂ©rĂ©s avec le fait que les rĂ©parations ne sont jamais effectuĂ©es Ă  l’heure. Ils exigent que Q Residential aborde : les infestations d’insectes, les souris et les rats, l’entretien des bĂątiments, les problĂšmes d’ascenseur et des fissures dans les bĂątiments. Les membres ont donnĂ© au propriĂ©taire cinq jours ouvrables pour organiser une rĂ©union et discuter de leurs problĂšmes, sinon ils vont intensifier leur campagne d’action directe.!

ACORN du Royaume-Uni lutte pour des transports en commun abordables, des protections pour les locataires et des logements viables.
Birmingham et Brighton ont effectuĂ© un certain nombre d’affaires de dĂ©fense des membres, et Brighton a Ă©tĂ© mentionnĂ© par le parlement le 13 mars. Bristol a rĂ©sistĂ© Ă  trois expulsions illĂ©gales et a organisĂ© une sĂ©ance de stratĂ©gie pour dĂ©velopper sa campagne de logements abordables. Manchester a aidĂ© Ă  porter la campagne “Better Buses” Ă  10 000 signatures et a organisĂ© des sĂ©ances hebdomadaires pour faire du porte-Ă -porte. Ils ont construit sur son effort de groupe local Levenshulme. Un groupe de la tour de grande hauteur appelĂ© “Three Sisters” de Newcastle a gagnĂ© l’installation de gicleurs et de vidĂ©osurveillance thermique dans les goulottes et les boĂźtes oĂč des dizaines d’incendies ont commencĂ©!

L’introduction de la technologie abordable aux membres de la communautĂ© en Nouvelle-Écosse
ACORN de la Nouvelle-Écosse collabore avec LakeCity Works pour le lancement d’un programme d’enrichissement d’ordinateur! Les dons d’ordinateurs et d’autres appareils seront remis Ă  neuf et vendus Ă  des prix abordables. Cela les rendra plus accessibles Ă  plus de gens.

ACORN République tchÚque passe le message par la comédie
ACORN ont travaillĂ© avec l’acteur rom, Zdeněk Godla, qui est trĂšs cĂ©lĂšbre et est intĂ©ressĂ© par l’organisation. AprĂšs avoir rencontrĂ© ACORN, il nous a recommandĂ© Ă  plusieurs entrepreneurs roms et autres. L’organisation travaille maintenant pour prĂ©parer un projet coopĂ©ratif plus vaste pour le logement social abordable. Restez Ă  l’Ă©coute!

Les membres s’organisent au LibĂ©ria!
Treize villes ont tenu des Ă©lections de dirigeants locaux et trois autres villes ont tenu des Ă©lections pour les dirigeants du comitĂ©, tandis que d’autres villes se prĂ©parent pour les Ă©lections. Les dirigeants ont participĂ© Ă  un stage de formation Ă  l’enseignement sur un Ă©ventail de sujets, y compris les contes, la capacitĂ© de s’exprimer en public et la formation en nĂ©gociation. Les prochaines Ă©tapes consistent Ă  envoyer des lettres aux cibles et aux Ă©lections des comitĂ©s locaux dans les villes rĂ©cemment identifiĂ©es.

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Organizers’ Forum International Dialogue in Sri Lanka 2019

Dates:    September 8th through 13th (Sunday through Friday)

Place:     Columbo

Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is an island country below the Indian subcontinent located in the Indian Ocean.

‱ 2018 estimate 21,670,000[3] (57th)
‱ 2012 census 20,277,597[4] (57th)
‱ Density 327/km2 (846.9/sq mi) (43rd)
GDP (PPP) 2018 estimate
‱ Total $292.793 billion[5] (61st)
‱ Per capita $13,500[5] (91st)
GDP (nominal) 2018 estimate
‱ Total $92.504 billion[5] (66th)
‱ Per capita $4,265[5] (109th)

Quoting from Wikipedia:  Sri Lanka

officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia, located in the Indian Ocean to the southwest of the Bay of Bengal and to the southeast of the Arabian Sea. The island is historically and culturally intertwined with the Indian subcontinent, but is geographically separated from the Indian subcontinent by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait. The legislative capital, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, is a suburb of the commercial capital and largest city, Colombo.

Sri Lanka’s documented history spans 3,000 years, with evidence of pre-historic human settlements dating back to at least 125,000 years.[10] It has a rich cultural heritage and the first known Buddhist writings of Sri Lanka, the Pāli Canon, date back to the Fourth Buddhist council in 29 BC.[11][12] Its geographic location and deep harbors made it of great strategic importance from the time of the ancient Silk Road through to the modern Maritime Silk Road.[13][14][15]

The current constitution stipulates the political system as a republic and a unitary state governed by a semi-presidential system. It has had a long history of international engagement, as a founding member of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), and a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the G77, and the Non-Aligned Movement. Along with the Maldives, Sri Lanka is one of only two South Asian countries rated “high” on the Human Development Index (HDI), with its HDI rating and per capita income the highest among South Asian nations.[7] The Sri Lankan constitution accords Buddhism the “foremost place”, although it does not identify it as a state religion. Buddhism is given special privileges in the Sri Lankan constitution.[17]

The island is home to many cultures, languages and ethnicities. The majority of the population is from the Sinhalese ethnicity, while a large minority of Tamils have also played an influential role in the island’s history. Moors, Burghers, Malays, Chinese, and the indigenous Vedda are also established groups on the island.

The various ethnic groups united to end British colonial rule, but the British legacy insisted on communal representation that eventually pitted the majority Sinhalese against the minority (over 800,000) Tamil leading to civil war in 1983 over a number of issues involving language and jobs, including provisions that made the Tamil virtually stateless and unable to obtain citizenship in the emerging nation.  The Tamil Tigers was a well-known guerilla effort classified as terrorist by many nations.  Attempts at peace broke down a number of times until after more than twenty-five years with the help of the Indian army a military victory was achieved over the Tamil in 2009.

More recently, Sri Lanka was in the news over a constitutional crisis involving the president, prime minister, and parliament in the fall of 2018.  A popular prime minister accused of corruption was ousted by a political coalition that elected the president who after several years in office suddenly returned the former prime minister to that job triggering mayhem.  Eventually, he was force to resign in the stalemate between the president of the parliament.

The Organizers’ Forum is interested in meeting with a number of groups in order to evaluate the progress of the country a decade after its civil war as it tries to resolve the historic issues that have divided its people and undercut its institutions.  A delegation from the Organizers’ Forum had undertaken a similar mission a decade after the end of apartheid in South Africa in order to understand how deeply change had become embedded and shaped the country’s future.  Similarly, the Organizers Forum delegation in Indonesia was able to view the impacts of ethnic strife in that country that had experienced state terror during the Cold War and how it had adapted in unique ways.

In this time when the issue of climate change has global importance, the Organizers’ Forum is also hoping to learn more about how an island nation like Sri Lanka is making plans to deal with the potential impact of rising seas.  Some members of the delegation have discussed a side trip to the Maldives in order to see that country “while it’s still there,” since many scientists also project that by the end of the century it could be underwater.

Long thought of as an exotic country, Sri Lanka is now at the crossroads of a different kind of future, and the Organizers Forum delegation is seeking to better understand what we have to learn – and to offer – at this critical juncture.

The Organizers’ Forum is a project of the Labor Neighbor Research & Training Center.  Interested parties need to contact in order to reserve a place.  The Forum covers housing, most meals, and in-country transportation and events, while members of the delegation and their organizations cover transportation to and from Sri Lanka and cover a modest program fee that allows from planning and logistics to make this trip happen.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience and certainly not later than August 1st.  As always, the earlier plane reservations are made, the cheaper for the delegates.

A visa is required to North American, UK, and European visitors that costs about $30 USD and is available electronically within three working days or at the airport, but best advice is getting it earlier.

This will be a great trip!

ACORN Around the World: January 2019

Le texte français suit l’anglais

Thibaut, the organizer from Brussels is in his final month of training in New Orleans. In February, I will be traveling to visit our other trainees in Albania and Bulgaria, as well as spending three days in Frankfurt assisting the development of a potential ACORN-affiliated tenants’ union there. Along with UK ACORN’s Nick Ballard, I am also visiting Dublin to advance the prospects of a potential affiliation in Ireland.

News in the United States is encouraging. The new year brings an organizer with ACORN and the Home Savers Campaign in Detroit. This month, we are also starting a six-month training and consulting contract with Amani United, a community organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Dominican Center, potentially also an ACORN affiliate. Campaigns: Lessons from the Field was published in December and is now being distributed. “The Organizer” is scheduled for a week of showings at the Zeitgeist Theater in New Orleans in January and at a theater in Harlem in March, with more dates on an East Coast swing at the same time. Finally, initial steps are being taken to develop internet and terrestrial radio stations in Uganda in January. Watch this space…

Mark your calendars! The international staff and leaders meeting date is set for Friday, July 19th and Saturday, July 20th in Lyon, France. See ACORN International’s full 2019 calendar here.


See some more highlights below.

ACORN Around the World

UK ACORN members double down on housing campaigns

ACORN members have been organizing for affordable, livable housing across the UK. Brighton members carried out several actions as part of an ongoing campaign against a slum landlord, as did Birmingham members. Bristol members focused on their affordable housing campaign, turning out large numbers to a carol-singing demonstration, campaign and member defence meetings. In Newcastle, members have been building a new local group covering three tower blocks. Sheffield members held their Quarterly General meeting, elected officers and held several door-knocking sessions. Manchester ACORN organized a training session for members with ACORN’s National Organiser, as well as phone banking and door knocking sessions and a Christmas social and meeting.

Exciting meetings for Kenya ACORN!

Kenya ACORN recently hosted the ACORN International’s Chief Organizer, Wade Rathke. Wade shared a lot of information to benefit Kenya ACORN’s organizing work! We also visited the only local radio station in Korogocho (KOCH FM) to discuss a potential partnership with the officials of the station.

Fighting for child care in Delhi

As a part of the broader network of Delhi-based organizations working on issues affecting kids aged 0-6 years, Delhi ACORN launched a campaign demanding a creche in the local community. Meetings were organized in Lalita Park, Mandawali and Shashi Garden. Later, district level larger meetings will be organized collectively to set the demand of creche on the agenda of political parties. The general election is scheduled for March/April 2019.

Czech ACORN finds important artwork during demolition

During the demolition of a villa on the outskirts of Prague, workers from the ACORN Czech Republic movement found a collection of paintings from Jewish painter Gertruda Kauders, who died in a concentration camp during WWII. The paintings had been kept between the walls, so that the Nazis could not destroy them during the war. The discovery is not only important for the Czech Jewish community, but is also a major breakthrough in Central European art history. As a result, the Jewish community is organizing a joint exhibition with ACORN Czech Republic! News reports here and here.

Victory! Access to free drinking water in Douala

Douala 5e residents will finally have better access to drinking water as a result of the actions of OnEstEnsemble members to force Town Hall to repair defective boreholes. Actions taken include a petition signed by 200 people, a neighborhood walk from one water point to another, and a children’s theater stage at one of the defective boreholes. After a number of delays, work finally began in December, thanks to the perseverance of OnEstEnsemble members. Residents will quickly have access to free drinking water.

Experimental organizing for ACORN Italy!

ACORN Italy has been busy co-staging a community organizing course in Rome together with Community Organizing ONLUS, an Industrial Areas Foundation affiliate, marking the perhaps first time ever that the ACORN and IAF methods and visions have been blended into one, trying to take the best out of the two and make it one common experimental path. So far, the response has been fantastic and for ACORN Italy this represents a thrilling opportunity to do what ACORN International rightfully pushed them to do for a long time: real community organizing in Italy, and Vatican State too, since the course takes place on an urban farm next door to St. Peter’s!

Honduras ACORN board meets

The board of Honduras ACORN recently had their first meeting since formally registering.

Toronto ACORN delivers the gift of affordable housing to mayor

More than 40 Toronto ACORN members and 5 supportive city councillors turned out to City Hall to deliver holiday gifts during the mayor’s swearing-in ceremony. Members were eager to remind the mayor to keep his promise of making housing a #1 priority this term! They rallied outside City Hall before entering to deliver their house-shaped gifts under the mayor’s tree.

Hamilton ACORN’s housing platform packs a punch at City Hall

Hamilton ACORN released their Housing Platform at City Hall recently. The platform and accompanying report detail what the City of Hamilton needs to do to ensure affordable housing is preserved, and that tenants are ensured health and safety standards in their apartments. The platform urges the City to create an anti-renoviction and displacement strategy, a city-wide registration program for landlords and calls for a complete overhaul of the city’s property standards bylaws.

Ottawa ACORN members celebrate a successful year!

Members and allies enjoyed good food, TONS of prizes fundraised by some rockstar leaders and received awards at Ottawa ACORN’s People Power party. The highlight of the night was when member MCs gave out blooper awards to targets! 2018 was a year with lots to celebrate. Members made huge gains on campaigns like internet for all, inclusionary zoning, landlord licensing and payday lending and we’re expecting in 2019 to be bigger and stronger!

Victory! Members of the Alliance Citoyenne elected to the board of social housing authorities

Members had 3 victories in Grenoble and Aubervilliers. In the Grenoble Habitat, where have been campaigning since last April, tenants supported the Alliance and elected Fatiha Belhachemi. In another Grenoble housing authority, Marie Rodriguez (aka Xena) was elected in 2nd place. In Aubervilliers, Paris, Fatouma Camara was also elected. The first election campaign of the Alliance Citoyenne was a success, proving the strength ACORN’s organizing approach. After many direct actions to demand the renovation of apartments and the improvement of the public service, this victory marks a new stage.

ACORN Radio: The Video of the People!

Listen in to ACORN Radio to hear tales of organizing, member stories, local updates, and more!

Check out the schedule here and listen in at

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ACORN Around the World October 2018

ACORN International is GROWING. Organizing invitations are pouring in all around the world — from New Zealand, the Maldives, Germany — demand is high for ACORN tenants unions! New organizations have started out in Montpellier, France, and there is now work in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Trainee organizers are coming to New Orleans from Bulgaria and Albania for a month and from Belgium for almost three months for ACORN training!

The Organizer movie is showing in Thessaloniki, Greece as we try to trigger organizing interest, and in Brussels at the International Film Festival. In Brussels, organizer Adrien Roux will also deliver workshops on community organizing. An exciting joint proposal for training and support was recently submitted under the leadership of ACORN France, to bring together organizations and our allies in the UK, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Tunisia.


OnEstEnsemble fight for street lights in Cameroon


A lack of street lighting lights is causing security concerns in the Grand Moulin neighbourhood, Douala. Members targeted the Urban Community of the city (CUD), taking 250 petition signatures to the administration office. This resulted in CUD agents working with OnEstEnsemble leaders, to identify where street lights are required. Members will track this issue to make sure CUD keeps their promise, and other neighborhoods affected by the same problem will also be putting the pressure on CUD.


Organizing tenants & more in the UK


Bristol has continued its campaign for better housing provision for survivors of domestic abuse while the BS5 group launched a campaign against two local letting agents. Manchester is planning simultaneous pickets of a management company alongside Birmingham members. Sheffield’s Sharrow & Netheredge group’s first action forced a letting agent to comply with the law on fees, while Brighton has supported a demonstration in support of elderly residents trapped in a nursing home, and are organizing the student community who are in some of the most dangerous and expensive rental housing. Tenants have been coming out to Newcastle ACORN’s drop-in advice sessions.


Workers rights and Medicare organizing in Arkansas


Little Rock members rallied at the Governor’s Mansion, to fight Medicare work requirements that have resulted in over 6,000 people being kicked off the program and left uninsured. Members and allies won a proposal on the ballot for the upcoming election for an $11/hr Arkansas minimum wage by 2021, and are now working to educate and mobilize voters. Shreveport members have an upcoming bargaining with one of our nursing facilities are looking into ways to get workers to contact us about issues of harassment, discrimination, and bullying in the workplace.


Victory for Muslim Women in France


After gathering 420 petition signatures, Alliance Citoyenne members have their first victory in what is set to be a long-running battle, as Muslim women will be allowed to wear long-sleeved bathing suits in Grenoble public swimming pools. France’s Muslim population is seen as a threat to French identity from the right, and a threat to French secularism and atheism from the left. For thousands of Muslim women, this means daily discrimination and no access to basic rights.


Fighting against corruption and privatization in Peru



ACORN Peru has been working on the issue of rights and anti-corruption. Members are organizing for a better country, with justice and respect, and have been fighting against privatization. We have been organizing in communities in the Andes, San Juan de Lurigancho and have been supporting Ecuadorian communities.


Leadership training for Delhi Women!


In Delhi, India women were invited out to a leadership training was organized for women which included specific a session on gender. Ms. Sarika Choudhary and Ms. Firdous, members of the Delhi Commission For Women, Govt. of NCT of Delhi participated as guest speakers. Around 80 women of all ages took part in the training!


Kenya ACORN is growing as members organize on 3 main campaigns!


In Korogocho, one of the largest urban settlements in Nairobi-Kenya, members are organizing on issues related to education, water, and environmental sanitation. The organization has grown to over 360 members and four affiliated community-based organizations. Committee members recently attended a star-gazing meeting, and members participated in a cleanup exercise within the settlement.


Holding landlords to account in Glasgow, Scotland


Glasgow members successfully forced the Association of Registered Letting Agents to meet our negotiation team after numerous pickets of their members, gatecrashing their conference and an investigation by our union discovered a possible ÂŁ1.5m in illegal fees being charged annually. Members also helped to organize the occupation of a property owned by a landlord previously imprisoned for the death of two young men, after a fire in one of his properties.


Celebrating Local 100 members in Texas!


Ms. Lane has been a member of Local 100 for 19 years. She is not only the union steward for her center but also the bargaining committee member. You can hear her life story at


Repairs for Edinburgh Tenants


Living Rent members welcomed City Councillors to the Muirhouse neighborhood, to witness the state of disrepair in the tower blocks. As a result, a full investigation has been commissioned and repairs are scheduled.


Victory for street vendors in Bengalaru


Members are relieved that the government has finally moved, and have issued license and ID cards to street vendors last week. Cards and licenses were issued at the meeting of street vendors.


Education and organizing in Honduras!


Honduras leaders have been monitoring building improvement in local communities and have been strategizing around advocacy issues. As well as door knocking, we participated in public education workshops – attended by 120 students – and community cleaning sessions.


3D printing and BIG renovations in Mumbai!


This year, the Innovation Lab has been completely renovated and is now home to exciting workshops, such as 3D printing! ACORN kids are being trained in state of the art technology, to help them qualify for future jobs in the 3D printing industry.

In Canada, Ottawa’s Agenda for Change calls for a shake-up at City Hall


In Canada, Ottawa’s Agenda for Change calls for a shake-up at City Hall



Ottawa ACORN started the Agenda for Change campaign in 2016 to ensure the same old crowd doesn’t continue to hold power at City Hall in the 2018 municipal election. 60 members came out to our Agenda for Change candidates forum on September 20th to demand a council that prioritizes the needs of its low-income constituents!


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Calling for landlord licensing to tackle substandard Hamilton housing


In Canada, Hamilton ACORN leaders gathered on the steps of City Hall to release a report on the substandard living conditions experienced by low to moderate income ACORN members. Members shared the report at the last Rental Housing Sub-Committee and were pleased that the committee voted to pass a Landlord Licensing Pilot for low-density rentals in two wards. We’re a step closer to city-wide landlord licensing!

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Fighting for an affordable Mississauga

ACORN Canada members held an affordable housing petition drive to highlight rising rents across the city. Members are demanding that affordable housing is an election issue, and call for the City to take a number of steps to make housing more affordable, including using inclusionary zoning powers to ensure that 25 per cent of units in all new developments are affordable.

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ACORN International Newsletter September 2018



Partout dans le monde, on s’organise.  Les camerounais ont gagnĂ© l’accĂšs Ă  l’eau Ă  Douala, des mobilisations massives ont permis d’empĂȘcher des expulsions au Canada ou en Angleterre et la lutte menĂ©e par les habitants de Glasgow a stoppĂ© l’expulsion de 300 demandeurs d’asile. A Sheffield, les membres d’Acorn ont gagnĂ© contre la multinationale VĂ©olia tandis que les locataires combattent les propriĂ©taires voyous Ă  Aubervilliers (Paris, France) ou Ă  Hamilton (Canada)… Ces derniers mois des membres d’Acorn se sont encore battus pour changer le monde et faire reculer les injustices. ACORN est une fĂ©dĂ©ration internationale d’organisations dont le but est d’organiser les participations citoyennes.


Everywhere in the world, people are organizing.  Cameroonians gained access to water in Douala, massive mobilizations prevented evictions in Canada or England, and the struggle led by Glasgow residents stopped the eviction of 300 asylum seekers. In Sheffield, Acorn members won against the multinational VĂ©olia while tenants fight rogue landlords in Aubervilliers (Paris, France) or Hamilton (Canada)… In recent months Acorn members have once again fought to change the world and reverse injustice. ACORN is an international federation of community based organizations working to organize the unorganized.



Le plein de victoires !

A lot of victories!


Sheffield a menĂ© avec succĂšs une action contre la multinationale Veolia dans le cadre d’une campagne d’organisation de quartier et a lancĂ© un nouveau groupe local. Le groupe de logement public de Newcastle a forcĂ© le Conseil Ă  installer des mesures de sĂ©curitĂ© incendie dans leur tour. Brighton a gagnĂ© une campagne contre une grande sociĂ©tĂ© d’agents de location, en gagnant des compensations et en recrutant des membres dans une ville voisine pour commencer Ă  construire une nouvelle succursale. Manchester a menĂ© Ă  bien un certain nombre d’actions de dĂ©fense des membres, en obtenant des rĂ©parations et la sĂ©curitĂ© incendie. Birmingham a forcĂ© le nettoyage des eaux usĂ©es des maisons des membres et Bristol a organisĂ© une campagne d’organisation de quartier, en lançant un nouveau groupe local et des campagnes pour s’attaquer aux propriĂ©taires de bidonvilles et soutenir les survivants de la violence domestique.

Sheffield have conducted a successful action against multinational company Veolia as part of a neighbourhood organising drive and launched a new local group. Newcastle’s public housing group forced the Council to install fire safety measures in their tower block. Brighton have won a campaign against a large letting agent company, winning compensation and recruiting members in a nearby town to begin building a new branch. Manchester has completed a number of successful member defence actions, winning back deposits, repairs and fire safety. Birmingham have forced clean up of sewage from members houses and Bristol has run a neighbourhood organising drive; launching a new local group and campaigns to tackle slum landlords and support of survivors of domestic violence.


DOUALA (OnEstEnsemble)

Les habitants gagnent leur combat pour l’accĂšs Ă  l’eau

The inhabitants win their fight for access to water


AprĂšs avoir vĂ©cu quatre annĂ©es dans des conditions de vies difficiles, les habitants de Bepanda Bonewonda ont repris espoir au vue des travaux de rĂ©habilitation en cours du rĂ©seau de distribution d’eau. Aujourd’hui,  plus d’une dizaine de mĂ©nages sont Ă  nouveau branchĂ©s au rĂ©seau et les travaux se poursuivent avec la construction d’un conduit d’eau de 1,2 kilomĂštre  en cours d’exĂ©cution pour rĂ©habiliter les autres mĂ©nages qui avaient connu la destruction de leur rĂ©seau par les travaux de la route en chantier du gĂ©nie militaire Ă  Bonewonda.

 OnEstEnsemble avait dĂ©noncĂ© la situation auprĂšs de la direction rĂ©gionale de l’entreprise en charge de la distribution (Camwater) et se fĂ©licite de ces mesures pour le bien-ĂȘtre des populations.    

After four years in difficult living conditions, the inhabitants of Bepanda Bonewonda have regained hope in the light of the work in progress to rehabilitate the water distribution network. Today, more than a dozen households are again connected to the network and work is continuing with the construction of a 1.2 kilometre water conduit under construction to rehabilitate the other households that had experienced the destruction of their network by work on the road under construction by the military engineers at Bonewonda.


 OnEstEnsemble had denounced the situation to the regional management of the company in charge of distribution (Camwater) and welcomes these measures for the well-being of the populations.


ACORN CANADA (Herongate)

Lutter contre les expulsions massives Ă  Herongate

Fighting mass evictions in Herongate


40 membres d’ACORN et ses alliĂ©s se sont rendus au bureau de Timbercreek pour exiger des rĂ©parations et la fin des expulsions massives. Les locataires de Timbercreek affirment que Timbercreek a dĂ©libĂ©rĂ©ment laissĂ© leurs unitĂ©s se dĂ©tĂ©riorer pour pouvoir chasser les pauvres et reconstruire des locations de luxe – ceci est une expulsion par nĂ©gligence!

40 ACORN members and allies marched to the Timbercreek Office to demand repairs and an end to the mass evictions. Tenants of Timbercreek argue that Timbercreek has purposely let their units deteriorate so they can push out poor people and rebuild luxury rentals – this is eviction by neglect!


GRENOBLE (Alliance Citoyenne)

510 locataires passent Ă  l’action face Ă  la mauvaise gestion locative de leur bailleur

510 tenants take action against their landlord’s poor rental management


Fuites, infiltrations d’eau, froid, pour Nadia, les problĂšmes se multiplient, contrairement aux rĂ©ponses du bailleur social. Cette jeune maman reproche Ă  son bailleur social, Grenoble Habitat de ne pas ĂȘtre respectueux envers ses locataires. AccompagnĂ©e d’autres locataires, mĂ©contents de leurs conditions de logement, ils se sont rendus devant Grenoble Habitat pour apporter leurs rĂ©clamations.

Leaks, water infiltrations, cold, for Nadia, the problems multiply, contrary to the answers of the social landlord. This young mother reproaches her social landlord, Grenoble Habitat, for not being respectful towards her tenants. Accompanied by other tenants, dissatisfied with their housing conditions, they went to Grenoble Habitat to bring their claims.



RÉEL logement abordable dans Toronto

REAL Affordable Housing in Toronto


Ce mois-ci, les membres d’ACORN Toronto se sont mobilisĂ©s pour obtenir des logements rĂ©ellement abordables. Les membres ont publiĂ© deux rapports montrant le manque de logements abordables dans la ville et ont rĂ©clamĂ© la redĂ©finition de «logement abordable». À la suite de pressions rĂ©centes, le maire a reconnu que l’abordabilitĂ© devait ĂȘtre redĂ©finie et s’est engagĂ© Ă  revoir la dĂ©finition.

This month, Toronto ACORN members rallied for real affordable housing. Members released two reports showing the lack of affordable housing in the City and calling for “affordable housing” to be redefined. As a result of recent pressure, the mayor acknowledged that affordability may need to be redefined and committed to reviewing the definition.



360 locataires organisĂ©s contre l’insalubritĂ©

360 tenants organized against insalubrity


A Edimbourg, 360 locataires de logements de collectivitĂ©s locales se sont organisĂ©s pour lutter contre l’humiditĂ© chronique, la moisissure, l’amiante et la dĂ©gradation gĂ©nĂ©rale de leurs immeubles. Les comitĂ©s de locataires de Local Living Rent ont organisĂ© divers Ă©vĂ©nements et actions, et ont inviter les politiciens et fonctionnaires locaux Ă  venir rencontrer les rĂ©sidents dans les blocs, ce qui, espĂ©rons-le, mĂšnera Ă  la rĂ©alisation des travaux appropriĂ©s.

In Edinburgh, 360 tenants in Local authority housing have been organising against chronic damp, mould, asbestos and general disrepair in their blocks. Local Living Rent tenant committee’s have been organising various events and actions including the invitation to local politicians and civil servants to come down and meet residents in the blocks, which will then hopefully lead to the appropriate work being carried out.


AUBERVILLIERS (Alliance Citoyenne)

Les habitants d’Aubervilliers agissent contre les marchands de sommeil.

The inhabitants of Aubervilliers act against slum lords.


Les habitants d’un immeuble dĂ©gradĂ© se mobilisent face Ă  la mairie

The inhabitants of a degraded building mobilized in front of the town hall

Deux incendies ont frappĂ© des immeubles d’Aubervilliers au cours des deux derniers mois, faisant plusieurs victimes. Un drame qui met en lumiĂšre le scandale du logement indigne sur Aubervilliers et celui des marchands de sommeil.

Depuis des mois, des locataires, membres de l’Alliance Citoyenne et victimes de marchands de sommeil ou de propriĂ©taires voyous luttent pour des conditions de vie dignes. C’est aussi suite Ă  l’incendie de leurs parties communes que les locataires de l’Avenue Jean JaurĂšs se sont organisĂ©s pour obtenir des travaux salutaires, toujours refusĂ©s par la propriĂ©taire.

Two fires have hit buildings in Aubervilliers in the past two months, killing several people. A drama that highlights the scandal of unhealthy housing in Aubervilliers and that of sleep vendors.

For months, tenants, members of the Citizens’ Alliance and victims of sleep vendors or rogue landlords fought for dignified living conditions. It is also following the fire of their common parts that the tenants of the avenue Jean JaurĂšs organized themselves to obtain salutary works, always refused by the owner


ACORN MontrĂ©al rejoint la campagne nationale pour l’Ă©galitĂ© numĂ©rique

ACORN Montreal joins national campaign for digital equality


Le comitĂ© du Sud-Ouest de ACORN MontrĂ©al a Ă©tĂ© officiellement inaugurĂ© en avril dernier, la culmination de six mois de campagne visant Ă  mettre la pression sur l’Office municipal d’habitation de MontrĂ©al (OMHM) pour une amĂ©lioration des conditions de logement. Les membres du Sud-Ouest ont Ă©galement doublĂ© leurs efforts dans notre campagne visant Ă  adresser la fracture numĂ©rique dont sont victimes des familles Ă  faible et moyen revenus Ă  travers le pays. Le projet cherche ainsi Ă  dresser le portrait des obstacles empĂȘchant un si grand nombre de personnes Ă  obtenir une connexion internet Ă  leur domicile.

Montreal ACORN’s Sud-Ouest Chapter was officially launched in April of this year; the culmination of a series of actions seeking to pressure the city’s public housing authority (OMHM) for improved housing conditions. Sud-Ouest members have also doubled down on ACORN’s long-standing campaign to address the digital divide. With access to the internet more indispensable than ever, the project aims to provide an overview of the obstacles to home internet access faced by low and moderate income families across Canada.



Lutte contre les propriétaires de taudis dans Hamilton

Fighting Slumlords in Hamilton


35 membres d’ACORN et alliĂ©s de Hamilton se sont rassemblĂ©s pour protester contre l’intensification du harcĂšlement et de l’intimidation dans une maison de chambres du centre-ville. ACORN Hamilton continuera Ă  se battre afin de s’assurer que tous les logements locatifs sont sĂ©curitaires et salubres.

35 ACORN members and allies from across Hamilton rallied to protest escalating harassment and intimidation at a downtown rooming house. Hamilton ACORN will continue fighting for a RentSafe Landlord Registration Program to ensure all rental housing is safe and healthy.


Du porte-Ă -porte Ă  la victoire

From door to door to victory


Voici Sarah Rodriguez, l’un de nos membres de la section locale 100 de Houston, Texas. Nous sommes en train de frapper Ă  la porte de nos membres au sein du HISD (Houston Independent School District). Afin de rester en contact avec nos membres, nous utilisons de nombreuses tactiques comme vous le voyez ici.   Notre organisation aide principalement le personnel des services de restauration, des services de garde, les secrĂ©taires, commis, etc. Nous luttons pour l’augmentation du salaire minimum, l’Ă©limination des licenciements injustifiĂ©s et l’Ă©galitĂ© de traitement.  Actuellement, nous sommes dĂ©terminĂ©s Ă  augmenter les salaires jusqu’Ă  14 dollars par heure.

This is Sarah Rodriguez one of our members here in (Local 100) hundred Houston Texas. We are out on our exercise door knocking of our members within HISD (Houston Independent school District). In order to stay connected with our members we use many tactics as you see here to give a personal touch.   We mainly focus on supporting staff. These are your food service attendance, custodial services, secretaries, clerks and etc. We like to keep our members informed about the working conditions of HISD. We fight for increasing minimum-wage, eliminating wrongful termination, and fair in equal treatment.  We are our member’s advocates. Currently we are determine to increase wages to $14HR.



Face Ă  l’expulsion illĂ©gale de 300 demandeurs d’asile, les membres de living rent s’organisent

Members of Living rent organized against the illegal expulsion of 300 asylum seekers.


A Glasgow, les membres de “Living Rent” se sont organisĂ©s contre l’expulsion illĂ©gale de plus de 300 demandeurs d’asile. Serco, la compagnie multinationale qui gĂšre les logements des demandeurs d’asile, a pris la dĂ©cision de changer illĂ©galement les serrures sur plus de 300 propriĂ©tĂ©s qu’ils louent Ă  des propriĂ©taires sociaux et privĂ©s de la ville. Des groupes de rĂ©fugiĂ©s et de demandeurs d’asile sont venus Ă  Living Rent pour demander de l’aide pour s’opposer aux changements de serrures. En moins d’une semaine, les efforts combinĂ©s des agences de soutien en matiĂšre d’asile, de Living Rent, des avocats et des politiciens ont forcĂ© Serco Ă  reporter toute tentative de changer les serrures dans ces propriĂ©tĂ©s. Les membres sont maintenant en train de mettre en place des groupes anti-Ă©viction de quartier Ă  travers la ville en se concentrant sur les 10 zones les plus dĂ©favorisĂ©es.

 In Glasgow Living Rent members have been organizing against the illegal eviction of over 300 Asylum Seekers. Serco the multinational company who has the contract for housing Asylum Seekers took the decision to try and illegally change the locks on over 300 properties they rent from both Social and Private Landlords in the city. Asylum and Refugee groups came to Living Rent requesting help in opposing the lock changes. In under a week the combined effort of Asylum support agencies, Living Rent, Human rights lawyers and politicians had forced Serco to postpone any and all attempts to change the locks in these properties. Members are now in the process of setting up neighborhood anti-eviction groups across the city focusing on the 10 area’s on highest deprivation and migration.


ACORN Honduras

Rencontre avec une commuanuté Garfunda Carasol

Meeting with a Garfunda Carasol community


Les organisateurs bĂ©nĂ©voles ont organisĂ© plusieurs groupes Ă  La Cieba, la troisiĂšme plus grande ville du Honduras sur la cĂŽte Atlantique et du golfe du Mexique.  RĂ©cemment, nous avons rencontrĂ© des dirigeants d’une communautĂ© Garfunda Carasol Ă  l’extĂ©rieur de La Ceiba pour parler des problĂšmes dans leur rĂ©gion.

Volunteer organizers have been organizing several groups in La Cieba, the 3rd largest city in Honduras on  the Atlantic/Gulf Coast.  Recently, we met with leaders in a Garfunda community Carasol outside of La Ceiba around issues in their areas.


Greece, New-Zeland, New Orleans, Belgium… Other ACORN News

GrĂšce, Nouvelle-ZĂ©lande, Nouvelle OrlĂ©ans, Belgique… D’autres nouvelles d’ACORN

Des amis et alliĂ©s en Belgique et en GrĂšce organisent la projection du film THE ORGANIZER Ă  Bruxelles et Ă  Thessalonique en octobre. La communautĂ© ACORN y organisera des ateliers. Des stagiaires de l’Albanie et de la Bulgarie vont venir Ă  la Nouvelle-OrlĂ©ans pour une formation au Community Organizing en octobre.  Anny Crumble de Bristol ACORN s’est rendu en Irlande pour parler aux groupes de locataires. Adrien Roux a parlĂ© aux syndicats du Kazakhstan des mĂ©thodes d’organisation.


THE ORGANIZER sera Ă©galement projetĂ© dĂ©but octobre aux États-Unis Ă  Seattle, Corvallis et Portland et Ă  Denver.

Friends and allies in Belgium and Greece have managed to get THE ORGANIZER set for screening in Brussels and Thessaloniki in October coupled with ACORN community organizing workshops. Interns are coming to New Orleans for community organizing training in October from Albania and Bulgaria.  Anny Crumble from Bristol ACORN visited Ireland to talk to tenants groups there. Adrien Roux talked to unions in Kazakhstan about organizing.


THE ORGANIZER is also screening in early October in the United States in Seattle, Corvallis and Portland (OR), and Denver.



Some of our friends in Thessaloniki who are encouraging ACORN to organize in Greece

 Nos amis Ă  Thessalonique encouragent ACORN Ă  s’organiser en GrĂšce



Recently ACORN Honduras leaders from San Pedro Sula met with 50 members of a community of largely banana workers who are fighting to win control of their land.

RĂ©cemment, les leaders d’ACORN Honduras de San Pedro Sula ont rencontrĂ© 50 membres d’une communautĂ© de travailleurs du secteur de la banane qui luttent pour obtenir le contrĂŽle de leurs terres.



ACORN friend, Mat Danaher with the largest private sector union there, E tu, hosted 40 folks, largely from labor, in a screen of THE ORGANIZER.  Books flew out the door, and there is the outline of a plan for ACORN to organize tenants — potentially — in New Zealand

Un ami d’ACORN, Mat Danaher avec le plus grand syndicat du secteur privĂ©, E tu, a accueilli 40 personnes, en grande partie des travailleurs, Ă  la projection de THE ORGANIZER.  Un premier pas vers l’organisation des locataires par ACORN en Nouvelle-ZĂ©lande.



The ACORN Farm operation is based in the historic lower 9th ward of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA where A Community Voice (ACV) members manage the major ongoing requirements of the gardens and grounds.

L’exploitation agricole d’ACORN Farm est basĂ©e dans le 9Ăšme arrondissement historique de la Nouvelle-OrlĂ©ans, Louisiane, USA, oĂč les membres de A Community Voice (ACV) s’occupent des jardins et des terres.



1978 Louisiana ACORN street Blocking to win a street light on a state highway in New Orleans.

1978 en Louisiane, les membres de ACORN bloque la rue pour obtenir un feu tricolore sur une route nationale.


Philadelphia ACORN member and first member to convert to a mortgage through the Vision – Home Savers Campaign pilot program.

Premier membre d’ACORN Ă  Philadelphie Ă  prendre part au programme pilote Vision – Campagne d’Ă©pargne-logement.


Reports from ACORN International Meeting July 2018


ACORN Canada Report